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September 2018    American Legion Post 853  Desert Breeze


As the summer season winds down, let’s get ready to welcome back our returning friends and members. Those who stayed for most or all of the summer were able to retreat to the Post to cool off and enjoy the food, fun and beverages the Post had to offer.

 Many thanks to the Jones family, Harry, Lorinda, Trevor and especially Art for keeping the meals going. Thanks to Dale Gina and Carina for your efforts. Special thanks to Chris Ann and Chris for the meals and the fun movie nights enjoyed by all that attended. Pot luck, game nights and Karaoke were also welcome diversions to our endless summer.

I'm looking forward to seeing the dining room addition get started once the repressive heat cools off a bit. We will be needing lots of helping hands to get it finished. So please don't be shy about asking what you can do to help. Roger will be the point man on that project.

We should all be proud of how much our Post has progressed and will continue to grow if we all remember that each of us is a recruiter. Membership turnover is a big issue with most Legion posts. 853 Was one of the 50% of District 22 posts that failed to make the membership quota. We were about 12 short is all. So please invite anyone you know who is a veteran out to our Post and encourage them to join and participate in the good times.

Good health and good will to all.            Rick Dobbins, Commander                 Semper fidelis


Post 853, September is here and that means we are very close to being back in Borrego Springs!  I hope everyone enjoyed their summer this year and for those that stayed, I hope you stayed as cool as possible.

This is my first year as an Officer of our Post and as your First Vice Commander I have some excellent fundraising ideas that I would like to pursue this season and next.  My hope is to bring the Golf Tournament back to Post 853.  As you can imagine, members and supporters get burned out doing these events.  I have committed to those members, Auxiliary, and supporters that I will support them one hundred percent to make this event a success.

I would also like to pursue holding an annual Jeep Jamboree event out of our Post.  The details are not final but I am developing a strawman plan to pitch to our Board this season.

I believe a few larger events each year will help support our new projects.  Like helping pay for our new solar farm or helping

support the completion of the new dining and bar seating areas.

As always, I will do my part by providing Gator Karaoke and tipping a few back with you in the canteen whenever possible.  I look forward to seeing you all in October for Borrego Days and getting things started in style.

Respectfully, Gator                               First Vice Commander  



Welcome to all members returning to the start of Unit 853 meeting season as we

celebrate our 20th year in Borrego Springs!  Many shared a fun-filled summer at the Post thanks so much to volunteers and officers!  We look forward to seeing you at our September 10th Monday meeting@5p.  We will enjoy a potluck social after meeting.  Please remember to renew your membership $30 for Seniors and $5 for juniors.  New members welcome and encouraged to join us.

Come meet your new officers and program chairman and share all the wonderful things that are being accomplished by our amazing Unit!

Karen Bobren, President

JoAnn Maiter, 1st VP

ChrisAnn Wells, 2nd VP

Wendy Quinn, Chaplain

Rosa Sanchez, Treasurer/Membership

Gina Moran, Secretary

Rita Hartman, Sergeant at Arms

Past President,  Danna Dempsey

Ann Shelton, Exec. Ctte Chair

ALA Unit 853, PO Box 116, Borrego Springs, CA 92004


The summer is almost over & it won’t be long before we are riding in the Parade for Borrego Days again. I’m hoping everyone had a fantastic summer. Our first meeting will be on Saturday, September 8th at 8:00 a.m. We have a lot to talk about including Borrego days, Getting the Cook your own steak night going again, upcoming rides, ect.ect. Hope to see you all on the 8th. Jim                    ***************************


 The Bargain Barn will start receiving new donations on and after September 20 and The Barn will open officially on October 4th. Anyone interested in volunteering this season is asked to contact Tim or Susan after September 11th by phone or email. Phone # 443-497-1455/ email: tkight5299@gmail.com  


American Legion Post 853 website address is:  ca853.org.  Check us out!!

Suggestions are welcome.  E-mail to ALPost853@gmail.com


Gary Saunders



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