American Legion Post 853

American Legion Post 853

Desert Breeze

March 2023 


Greetings brothers and sisters and members.

Sorry I haven’t been around. I’ve been fighting the Big C. So far, I’m staying ahead.

We are still actively looking for more volunteers. We’re trying to be open every day, we’re unable to do that because we are short volunteers. If able, please help.

Our dues are over due. Please remember that we use dues money to help veterans, children, families of veterans and organizations that need help. We are not just a group of people sitting at a bar. We support our members and their families. Join if you can.

It’s not the price we paid to belong, it’s the price we paid to be able to belong.

Come by and check us out. Love everyone bless everyone and god bless our country.

Lee Quarcelino                                        


I first experienced the concept of Buddy Check when I was preparing for U.S. Navy dive school. It’s a procedure carried out by scuba divers using the buddy system where each diver checks that the other's diving equipment is configured and functioning correctly just before the start of the dive.
In recent years, the concept has expanded. The American Legion passed a resolution in 2019 that calls for Buddy Checks to be conducted Legion-wide on weeks of The American Legion’s Birthday, March 15, and Veterans Day. In addition, American Legion posts are encouraged to perform this vital function whenever it makes sense in their communities. The important part is to reach out to our comrades to let them know you care and can provide whatever assistance they may need. It’s what we do for our battle buddies.

During the recent power outage here in Borrego Springs, I received a call from a comrade checking on our situation. Her call motivated me to pick up the phone to do the same. The next day, I heard reports of our Post 853 members helping each other to clear debris and put things back to order. 
Checking on our shipmates and putting things back to order, it’s what we did after an “event” when we wore the uniform. It’s something we can do now. Take the time to call a friend or acquaintance from the Post, ask how they’re doing. If all is well, great! If help is needed, reach out to your family at Post 853 to find a way to put things back to order.

The Post 853 family continues to grow. Welcome aboard to our new members. You’re now part of this eclectic family who care deeply for one another, even though we may forget this from time to time. When needed, we’re here for you.

Dale Jones
1st Vice Commander/Membership


My sincere appreciation to the members of the rifle team for their performance 18 February at the memorial to honor one of our founding members, Tom Busic. Tom was a Marine Veteran of the war in Viet Nam and a true patriot who was a co-founder of the Borrego Veterans Detachment and Post 853.

Our team, composed of Gary Saunders, Harry Jones, Ed Cate, Roger Ries, John Sherrill, Jim Cole and newcomer, Scott Hunt, performed the rifle salute flawlessly. Kudos to Gary, who coached and assisted the brother and nephew of Tom with the ceremonial flag folding ritual. These gentlemen represented our Post in the most honored tradition of service to our fallen Veterans and their families.

In service,
Rick Dobbins
Semper Fidelis


This month Post 853 family will be celebrating the life of a beloved legionnaire, Harley Hartman. He was indeed a gentleman of generous spirit. I consider myself fortunate to have known Harley and to have been able to have a number of conversations with such a wonderful man. Harley answered his country’s call many years ago and continued to answer the call of his family, his community as well as his fellow veterans. Harley you will be missed.

Rosa Sanchez 
ALA Unit 853 Borrego Springs 


Hello ALA Sisters,

Whew we have had some extreme weather out this way, but it has not stopped us from our fundraising events.  First,  thank you members for renewing your membership.... we are getting close to our goal.  Please welcome new Auxiliary members Celeste Doughty, Christie McSparren, Christina Portilla and Bonnie Partridge, along with Cynthia Keith, ALA transfer member from Unit 361 out of Texas. Looking forward to working with all of you. 

Heartfelt thanks to our Super Chefs, Ann Shelton, Chris Ann Wells and Teresa Stiglic for our 1st successful Poppy Spaghetti dinner along with Poppy Co-Chair Karen Saunders who sold raffle tickets for the beautiful Valentine basket donated by VA&R Chair Teresa Stiglic.  Many thanks to our members, Post family, and guests for supporting this event.  The total proceeds of dinner and basket was over $700.00.  These funds are dedicated to our Veterans Rehabilitation Programs.

Sending out a warm invitation to all, please join us on Friday, March 17 for the most delicious St. Paddy's Day dinner.  Time is from 5 to 7 pm, cost is $16.00 and a sign-up sheet is available at the bar.  Folks, this is a very important Poppy Dinner fundraiser and again all proceeds to go to our Veterans Rehabilitation Programs. Looking forward to seeing you, and always our thanks for your support in helping us help our Veterans.

In Your Service,
Marie L. Tarango


Bingo is coming Tuesday, March 14 to Post 853! 

Doors open and bingo packets may be purchased beginning at 5 pm. The games start promptly at 6 pm in the new dining room. We are excited to get this up and running.

A special thank you to Randall Start who donated the startup funds and Mitzi Seibert who donated the bingo equipment.

We are fortunate to have Senior Center bingo volunteers George Thompson, Kathleen Carson, Veronica and Andrew Przestalski as part of our team.  Heide White, Bev and Roger Ries, Dale Jones and Gina Moran round out the team. We are also grateful to Harry Jones and Heide White for submitting all of the needed county paperwork.

Bingo will be every Tuesday through the season.  We look forward to seeing you on Tuesdays!